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How to mine Bitcoin from your device in the Arab countries for the year 2021



The process of Bitcoin mining is similar to the process of finding private gold in the ground, but here you mine the currency via a computer mining is rewarded and brings you an additional profit from this digital currency, but this process is with the technological development and the Increasing the number of miners has become very difficult. The mining process consumes some of the energy, which can affect the amount of profits made by the mining process. Investing and buying bitcoin is now more profitable than mining bitcoin.

What is a Bitcoin Mining Program

What is the profit from Bitcoin mining? What is the Bitcoin Mining Method? Is it a good idea to mine or trade and invest in bitcoin? We will see this in this article.

Mining or buying bitcoin

Bitcoin mining has become difficult and complex, requiring a large investment and special skills, and there is a risk that mining will be banned in some countries. Hence, if you are a beginner or have experience with digital currencies, we advise you to invest and buy bitcoin better than mining bitcoin and with a simple initial investment you can open and trade bitcoin with licensed and accredited trading companies and here we introduce you to four Bitcoin Trading Company, one of the best Bitcoin trading companies out there.

 Avatrade: The best Arabic site to get Bitcoin in general

Avatrade: The best Arabic site to buy Bitcoin in general

 You can get bitcoin on the professional platform Avatrade, the platform and website for trading bitcoin with great experience in the field, in which the company offers many advantages, allowing you to open an account for trading digital currencies and bitcoin.

Avatrade offers its customers the best deals where bitcoin can be traded with low spreads and you can trade on the company’s own platform as well as MT4 / 5 Avaoption Dulitrade, the company has many professional platforms for bitcoin trading.


A tax authority approved, licensed, and regulated company

Interact with platform customers 5/7 days a week, 24/24 hours

You company has extensive experience in trading and trading Bitcoin

The presence of multiple trading platforms on the site that allow multiple trading opportunities

Lower spread for Bitcoin trading

The presence of the Arabic language on the platform


Avatrade is a multi-country and multi-country licensed company licensed in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, the European Union, South Africa and the British Virgin Island. All of these licenses confirm the credibility and quality of the platform’s services.

Minimum deposit and deposit methods

The minimum deposit is $ 100 for credit cards and electronic payments and $ 500 for bank transfers.

Deposit methods: Visa Card, MasterCard, Paypal, Bank Transfer.

Why buy Bitcoin from Avatrade?

A company licensed by multiple countries and this is a guarantee to protect your money

Use of very professional and high quality platforms

Avatrade staff will help you make the best bitcoin investments on the platform

Low spreads, which increases your chances of winning

A company with a good reputation in the trading market

If you are an Arab, the platform is also in Arabic, and this is something that is helping Arab youth to break into the world of cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading Get Bitcoin on an Advanced Platform is a leading digital currency and bitcoin buying site, where bitcoins can be traded with no fees or commissions and with a leading exposure to the markets, the site also provides professional customer service, and the trading company is licensed. Approved and regulated by well-known financial institutions worldwide. offers its clients the best deals where they can buy bitcoins with no commission or fees, low spreads,

It is possible to trade on the company’s professional and user-friendly platform because you can trade with Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5, and the company is transparent because there are no hidden fees and it is licensed, approved and regulated by world-famous ones For financial institutions, is the best place to go to buy Bitcoin in general.


A company licensed, approved, and regulated by tax authorities

Act and invest Sie Bitcoin with no commission or fees

Market leading and low spreads

The company’s own platform is professional and easy to use

Professional staff, they are at the service of the company’s customers, where customer inquiries are answered in several languages   and in a short time

There are no hidden fees as is known for its transparency in the market.

Licenses, a digital currency and bitcoin trading company, is licensed, approved and regulated by well-known financial institutions such as CySec and FCA. The licenses are the guarantee and protection of the funds of traders and investors.

Minimum deposit and deposit methods

The minimum deposit is $ 20 for electronic payments and credit cards and $ 250 for deposits and bank transfers.

Deposit Methods: Visa Card, Master Card, Electronic Payments, Bank Transfer.

Why buy Bitcoin from

Transparent company with no hidden fees

The use of artificial intelligence in the company’s own platform

The presence of advanced technical analysis indicators on the platform

You have business experience in the field of trading and trading in Bitcoin

Professional and high quality customer service

Buy Bitcoin with no commission or fees

Low scatter

 XTB: get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

XTB: Buy Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies XTB is a website for buying Bitcoin and other digital currencies. To buy bitcoins on the site, you can use a Visa Card or MasterCard, or buy bitcoin through PayPal, a licensed and approved website with over 19 years of experience that has been used to keep up with those interested in currencies is Digital Goal, and that shows the strength and credibility of the company. The company’s platform, as well as the Metatrader

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